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Closing down 3pm on Sunday 15th September 2013. Call to book -  

01271 870633 

About Us

We've never been described as normal. However- though once declared 'the most eccentric restaurant in Britain' (Telegraph, 14th Aug 2004) our aim has always been to deliver simply cooked seafood in a relaxed environment. Anything else is down to chance. It is true in the past that one of our customers was so relaxed that he had to be woken up during lunch. We have also assisted several people off the floor although we must stress this has never been food or alcohol related. For the most part guests leave in the condition they arrived in, no comment.   


With any of our food you can mostly expect to be provided with cutlery, drinks when ordered, a seat inside or out and a friendly and sunny tempered waitress to help you enjoy your seafood experience. *Please see Terms and & Condition below. We may consider serving tap water with your meal if requested (subject to T&C's below) but generally only if there is an honest intent to drink it rather than to imply that the waitress may enjoy a little extra exercise. We love having children here especially if they are sitting at their own table. Running, yelling and poking holes in things with the lobster pickers tends to have an adverse effect on other customers and could well invoke the wrath of Mother - especially if in her living room. Screaming, shouting, laughing and running about by staff is entirely normal and shouldn't cause alarm or offense. There's an extremely small chance we might let you deviate from the menu but do you really want to risk it?
*Terms & Conditions. Entirely dependent on the weather, time, day, and more importantly whether the waitress is Kath or Sal (you be the judge!)


Here's a couple of hints to keep things running smoothly 


  •  We are only able to take card payments at the shop/restaurant. There's a £10 minimum order for our drop off service.
  • If you care about our sanity and that of the person standing behind you, make your mind up before getting to the front of the queue ;) Incidently, this is excellent advice for life in general
  • Look again at the menu and try keep your wits about you. The evening menu is available at lunch time but the lunch menu is not available in the evening EXCEPT children and non fish eaters who may eat their lunch for dinner Tongue out


And finally, please like our Facebook page for updates and special offers. We'll get the kids to explain it to us later.



Seafood Van, Shop, Drop off service....
We have 4 take away seafood platters to choose from - a complete meal for 2 people,
with salad, pasta, homemade coleslaw & potato salad. Oh and crusty bread!

Whole lobster, dressed crab, peeled and shell-on prawns and crevettes £40

Lobster & Prawn
Whole lobster, peeled & shell-on prawns and
Crevettes (See pic. Lobster & Prawn above) £32

Crab & Prawn

Dressed Crab for two Peeled & Shell-on prawns and Crevettes £32 

Mixed Seafood

Cockles, Selection of mussels, Clams, whelks crevettes, prawns & Crabmeat (see pic above) £32  

  How to get your hands on a platter.
Ring us and order one first, then -
A) Collect from the shop
B) Collect from the Seafood Van on your Camp site
(See site boards for days and times of visits)
Or C) Collect it from one of our drop off points around
Mortehoe and Woolacombe (ask for details)
Take away platters are available to take away only (yes, we know - but people get confused!)

Also Available from the Shop or Seafood Van 

Build your own BBQ kebab starter
1)Grab a kebab stick
2) Add your favourites - mix and match (priced each)
Baby octopus 65p , baby squid 65p, scallop POR, Cuttle fish 25p, Tiger Prawns 60p
3) Choose a dip
Garlic mayo, seafood sauce, sweet chilli 75p
Grill them, singe them, burn them you're the chef!
Or you can choose our readymade kebabs below

 Build your own BBQ fish dinner
1. Choose your fish* (one portion)
• Tuna, Salmon £3.20 ea
• Cod, Haddock £3.40 ea
• Bass fillet £4.20
Snapper £4.50 Whole Bass £4.80
2. Add your flavour (one portion)
• Garlic , Basil, chilli or lemon infused oil or sweet pepper & chilli or black pepper and lemon vinegar. 75p each
Wrap in the foil (provided) Fire up your BBQ, add sunshine and a cool beverage (not provided)
* can be cooked from frozen if necessary

 Sardines £1 ea
Prawn kebab £1.75 ea
Cat fish Kebab £1.75ea
Whitebait £3.96/bag
Smoked Mackerel £3.70
Crevettes (large prawns) pls ask

 Available by the carton
White crab meat £6
Brown crab meat £3.50
Cockles £2.50
Mussels £2.50
Whelks £3.80( ½ pt)
Peeled prawns £2.50
Shell on Prawns £4.40

 Smoked Haddock, and Mozzarella fish cake £2 each
Tuna & Mozzarella fish cake £2 each
Children's salmon fish cake 50p each
Home made lobster or crab soup £4 (frozen)
Fish fingers 20p each
Corn on the cob £1 each
Jacket Potato (pre cooked) £2 each


Contact us for further


01271 870633


Opening Hours            Shop           Restaurant
April/May/June            9am - 5pm             12- 3pm (From 6pm for eve

                                                                       menu Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat)

July/August                  9am - 8pm              all day from 12pm (eve menu

                                                                                             starts at 6pm)
September                    9am - 5pm              12 -3pm (From 6pm for eve

                                                                       menu Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat) 

7 Days a week all season! *see evening hours



                                                                                                              Please phone - or come early (on busy days you may be disappointed)