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We have moved! Now located in Mortehoe village square and called Mor-Shellfish-T-Eat

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All seafood, bbq fish and shellfish platters still available to take away - and now fish and chips! 

About Us

For those of you who have visited Mortehoe Shellfish for years and years, many of you know that we sadly lost our Mum last year. It was a unanimous decision to close the restaurant because as you will have discovered, dining here was a unique experience and not just because of the seafood we served! Mum's front room and dining room (and garden and toilet facilities) were commandeered through the summer months to meet the ever increasing demands of the restaurant. Our neighbours graciously refrained from direct action when their cars were blocked in their driveways and they managed to overlook the many many nights of raucous laughter coming from our garden through the light summer months. Our Mother was the driving force of this business, always inventing new ways of doing things and overcoming the challenges of each year as things got busier and busier.  We have decided that all of us together cannot possiby make one of our Mum. We have however, been trained well and were left with a sound knowledge of seafood and dishes which people come back for year after year. Our fish in foil for the bbq, all the takeaway seafood and the always poplular shellfish platters will now be available to takeaway from our new location in addition to fish and chips. It would be great to see you again!



Seafood Van - still visiting camp sites around our local area or

Shop now located in the centre of the villages

We have 3 take away shellfish platters to choose from - a complete meal for 2 people,
with salad, pasta, homemade coleslaw & potato salad.

Whole lobster, dressed crab, peeled and shell-on prawns and crevettes £40

Lobster & Prawn
Whole lobster, peeled & shell-on prawns and
Crevettes (See pic. Lobster & Prawn above) £34

Crab & Prawn

Dressed Crab for two Peeled & Shell-on prawns and Crevettes £34 

  How to get a platter.
Ring us and order one first to
Collect from the Seafood Van on your Camp site

(See site boards for days and times of visits)

or order one from the van for the next visit

Call in to the shop and pick one up - we'll make it while you wait

Also Available from the Shop or Seafood Van 


  Fish in foil for your BBQ or oven

• Tuna, Salmon,  £3.20 ea
• Cod, Haddock £3.40 ea


• Escolar £4.20
 Whole Bass £4.80
2. Add your flavour - optional, Garlic , Basil, chilli or lemon infused oil  75p each 

Prawn kebab £3.20 ea
Crevettes (large prawns) 65p ea

 Available by the carton
Cockles £2.50
Mussels £2.50
Whelks £3.80( ½ pt)
Peeled prawns £2.50
Shell on Prawns £5.20


Baby squid

 Smoked Haddock, and Mozzarella fish cake £2 each
Tuna & Mozzarella fish cake £2 each
Children's salmon fish cake 50p each
Fish fingers 20p each
Corn on the cob £1 each


Seafood avilable all day, 7 Days a week, all season.

Contact us for further


01271 870633